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Sipitang Esplanade

Go to Sipitang Esplanade. It’s is a beautiful esplanade which let you enjoy the sea breeze with your family. Located in strategic area and easily accessed by public make this area the main attraction for both local and visitor.

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The esplanade offers plenty of parking space, shelters, restroom facilities, playground for the kids, restaurants and stalls. If you’re on your long trip, this place is just perfect for you.

What you can do at Sipitang Esplanade? You can do almost everything legal here. You can dance, perform a musical play, shows your skating skills, jogging, fishing, eating, photographing, and maybe finding your soulmate here.

Smoking has been banned at this area. I’m not sure about having barbecue but surely you can’t lit your cigarette here.

More information can be referred in our dedicated page for Sipitang Esplanade.

Go and try the Satay

While you’re at the esplanade don’t forget to go to the Medan Selera. It is located just next to the Sipitang Esplanade. One of the well known traditional food in Malaysia, Satay is being sold here. Sipitang are famous for it.


There is another place for Satay. You can also go to the old Medan Selera located in-front of the Maybank building.

What type of Satay we are talking about? The common one, we have beef and chicken. The uncommon? Well, we do have goat satay, rabbit satay and deer satay.

Go to the Beach!

For those who wants to enjoy the warm water of the South China Sea, you can visit the Merintaman Beach. It is also known as Taman Nagara by the local. There is another beach available located near the SAMUR area. Check out our beaches list here : Beach at Sipitang.


Every weekend and even during the weekday, it is the place for Sipitang folks to go picnic and spend time with families and friends. You can have barbecue or just take a lunge at the sea. Play guitar, maybe some karaoke. For those who like beer, no one prohibit you from bringing your favorite Tiger or Budweiser here. Just take into consideration for other and it’s all well.

Sometimes a guy with a banana boat will come to Merintaman beach and offer you a ride for a fair price. Its fun. And there is the other time also a guy bringing his boat and a big flying kite. That was just  awesome.

If you want to bring your car into the sandy beach, please reconsider. Well, there is no problem with that. It is just, you might don’t want to ruin your day having a car unable to move and being washed by the high tide.

Become one with nature

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If you the kind of traveler who wants to enjoy the natural wonder, you might want to consider visiting Long Pasia. Long Pasia located near the boundary of Sabah and Kalimantan Indonesia. Although there is no resort at Long Pasia, home stay is available and its makes your stay more enjoyable with the native people there.

There are several attractive places to visit during your stay at Long Pasia. To name a few, The Maga Waterfall, Bukit Rimau and Taman Kerangas. Expect to have a several hour of driving on a gravel road. But no worry, it’s only a little price to pay considering the wonderful things await you there.

Tamu at Sipitang


various of thing at Tamu Sipitang

Look out for our calendar. Every week starting from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday late afternoon, a flea market or best known as Tamu will be open at the edge of Sipitang town. We call it Tamu Sipitang. Local from all over Sipitang will go down to the town for buying and selling activities.


Apart from that, a traveler merchant will also shows up there. You might be able to buy things which is only available at certain area of Sabah brought here by the merchant.

In addition to that, Tamu Sipitang is not the only tamu at Sipitang. There is another location you can visit such as Tamu Sindumin and Tamu Mesapol.

Participate the GATA

GATA stand for Gasing and Tamu Besar. That translated into a spinning top and huge flea market celebration. Once in every two years, Sipitang will organized the GATA. Gasing is the local sport here especially for the Kedayan community. Players from in and out of Malaysia will compete during this event.

Other than Gasing, there’s a lot of other traditional sport included in this event. Tug of war, Meyumpit, Sepak Raga and Lansaran are among the activities.

The market is just huge during this celebration. Every space will be occupied and things are just fantastic. What’s on sell? Traditional food, fruit, exotic things, custom made things and many more. In short, everybody is selling everything, everybody is buying everything – Everybody is having fun.

So why are you hesitating? Check out our Calendar and plan your holiday.


(Photos by : R. Stephen )


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