Welcome to Sipitang! This guide is specially crafted for you. We believe this should cover if not all, the basic requirement. Here the list of thing we going to cover for the next section.

  • Getting to Sipitang – Location and transportation.
  • Places to stay – Hotel, motel, house and room.
  • Places to eat – Restaurants: Halal and non-halal food.
  • Transportation within Sipitang – The transportation system at Sipitang.
  • Communication –Line coverage for mobile phone, internet and mail.
  • Shopping places – Main shop and shop that you should know.
  • Emergency – In case of emergency during your stay.
  • Interesting places – A places you should consider to visit while at Sipitang.
  • Living at Sipitang – Few necessary things you should know if you plan to stay for a longer period.

Does the list contain the answer for your question? If yes, read on.

Getting to Sipitang

So you decided to go to Sipitang for any reason, but where is Sipitang? If you look at Sabah map, Sipitang located at the very bottom of the West Coast region just before Sarawak or Brunei Darussalam. Here is the map:

Sipitang Navigation 1

Photo source : Wikipedia.com

How to go to Sipitang

Thanks to google, now you can easily find your way to Sipitang with the Google Maps. Here is the link to use the Google Maps function: Google Maps drive to Sipitang.

Map road to Sipitang

Photo source : Google Maps

Just type in your location as the starting point and Sipitang as end point, enter, and you’re ready to go. If you’re from a place that doesn’t recognized by the google map you can make any point nearest to you as the starting point as long as you know that place.

Anyway, you only need that if you drive a car. If you plan to use the public transportation such as bus or taxi that would be even easier .

Public transportation to Sipitang

Getting to sipitang sign

For public transportation to Sipitang you can choose from bus, taxi,  or  boat depending on your location. You can refer the detail from our page: Transportation to Sipitang.

Places to stay at Sipitang

Once you arrive at Sipitang first thing you need to secure is a place for you to stay for the night. You can choose from hotel, motel, house or homestay and also room.

Plan earlier where you want to stay. There are lots of choices but the location are scattered outside Sipitang town center. If you don’t have you own transportation you movement might be limited. Call the hotel, motel or the owner of the house or room prior your arrival at Sipitang to book.

Upon your arrival, you can ask the taxi’s driver to drop you at your booked hotel or motel. If you’re using bus then read on to our transportation guide section.

Check out our list of hotel, motel house and room here: Accomodation at Sipitang. You can also do that by selecting our menu at the top of this page.

Places to eat at Sipitang

Food is not a problem. There are lots of choices. Halal, non-halal, fast food, western food, local food and of course the Satay. Check out our food outlet list here: List of restaurants available at Sipitang. You can also do that from selecting menu at top of this page.

Check out people recommendation or review. High rating means good recommendation or approval from a people who had been ‘there’.

eating out at medan selera 2 sipitang

You should take note on the operation hours of the restaurants. Most of the restaurant or food outlet open at 8-9am and close at 9-10pm. Many close at 6:00pm also. There’s a few restaurant open as early as 6:00am in the morning. The restaurant operated by Indian Muslim usually close late around 11:00pm to 1:00am depending on customer. Planning is important to avoid case of ‘starvation’.

Transportation within Sipitang

You need to understand the transportation system at Sipitang in order to move freely within Sipitang’s area. Basically we have 2 types of transportation here: Taxi as the official transportation system and the unofficial transportation system which is locally known as Kereta Sapu, Pairet or Prebet.

Read more detail on the transportation system at Sipitang in our dedicated page here: Transportation within Sipitang

The taxi

Taxis are limited. They don’t move around searching for passenger. They usually stay at the taxi station and mainly go for Kota Kinabalu – Sipitang transportation although they also take request to go other places.

If you need the taxi services you have to go the taxi station. You can check out the location for the taxi station here: Sipitang taxi station.

Since the taxis are operating under registered organization, it is assumed that travelling or moving around using taxis service is safe. But it is always advised to travel in a group of two or more people.

For you convenience it is advised that you ask for the driver business card or at least take the taxis driver mobile phone number, of course with their permission. You’ll never know when you need them.

The taxis start operating as early as 6:00 am in the morning and become less active after 2:00pm. Usually after 4:00pm you rarely see taxis available at the taxi station. That’s the reason why you should save the taxi’s driver phone number at the first place. You can call them.

Kereta Sapu, Prebet or Pairet

Just in case you haven’t check it yet, you can refer to our dedicated page for transportation system within Sipitang for more details here: Transportation within Sipitang

At Sipitang, local transportation is actually dominated by the Kereta Sapu or Prebet or Pairet. The Kereta Sapu is anyone who wants to earn extra cash by offering transportation service using their own car. This group is either operating as individual or in a group.

Kereta Sapu starts operating as early as 6:00am in the morning until late evening depending on the crowd at Sipitang town. The area coverage is quite good.

It is always advised to travel in a group of two or more people for you safety. If you detect even a slight suspicion do whatever it take to ensure your own safety.

Here a tips: You can ask for the Kereta Sapu to be your temporary driver for your convenience during your stay. They will likely to take the offer as long as it gives them some decent profit.


Telekom public phoneAre you familiar with this photo? Yes, the public phone – Telekom public phone. This thing was super important before invention of mobile phone or before mobile phone are affordable to public. Sipitang used to have a lot of this but not anymore. Everybody use mobile phone now.

Mobile coverage

Among the popular mobile communication provider are Celcom, Digi and Maxis. All of it have a good coverage at Sipitang town and its surrounding area. You might want to check with your mobile phone coverage if you’re planning to go outside from Sipitang town.

Here is the link for you to check you line coverage at Sipitang

Let me summarized it for you. From the coverage map, you’ll get at least 3G connection at Sipitang town and its surrounding area for any of the communication provider listed above. We understand how stressing it is when your phone doesn’t shows any signal.

Postage and Courier

Here we have Post Malaysia and also ABX Express. People will usually go to Post Malaysia as this place offer various of other services. Due to that reason, this place tend to be crowded a little. You can expect to be on waiting line especially during lunch hour 12:00pm to 2:00pm or during a pay day on 23th to 30/31th every month.

So if you’re in rush avoid this hour or go to ABX express instead. ABX generally charge you ‘a little bit’ higher than the Pos Malaysia.

Internet Connection

First of all, internet usually provided free at motel or hotel. You can check the availability from the listed hotel or hotel list. You can ask the hotel or motel for confirmation when booking.

In any case, if your phone is equipped with internet connection the coverage of internet for Celcom, Digi or Maxis are quite good in Sipitang town and its surrounding area.

In addition to that, certain places at Sipitang like restaurants are providing free internet wifi to their customer.

Worst case scenario you can just go to the cybercafé or internet café to access the internet. Public library at Sipitang also provide an internet service.

Shopping – Buying or even selling things

You may need to access a store to buy few things during your stay. There’s a lot of store of course. For your convenience we recommend you to go visit one of the supermarkets where most of things supposed to be available. Here is the list of supermarket: Supermarkets at Sipitang.


Some of you might be coming here to buy certain things only available at Sipitang or maybe you are coming here to sell your products. You can do that by visiting one of Tamu at Sipitang.

Tamu is a place where you can buy certain things that usually not available at general store. Tamu is also a place where you can join in as a seller. One thing you need to know, Tamu is only open on specific day at specific time. You can refer to the details here in our listed Tamu page: Tamu at Sipitang.

various of thing at Tamu Sipitang


To participate as a seller in Tamu, there is a small fee you need to pay – RM1 to RM2. The fees are collected by the authority during the Tamu session.

Other than supermarkets, if you plan on long-term stay you might want to know that Pasar is also a good place for you to buy fresh things like vegetables, fish, meat and more. Here is the details for the Pasar: Pasar at Sipitang.

In case of emergency

Here is our list of emergency department with contact number: Case of emergency. You’re advised to save it. Actually you need to save it on your mobile phone or your address book. You might never know when you will need it. Thanks us later.

Most important is you need to know how to contact the ambulance, the fire and rescue department, and the police.

A place to visit

Maybe you come to Sipitang for business or work or visiting some friend or just passed by. Still I want to mention several places you should consider to visit during your stay.

nice day at Sipitang Esplanade

Here you can enjoy the seaside walk at Esplanade Sipitang, do some activities at beach, enjoy the natural wonder at Long Pasia and try the well-known Sipitang Satay.

Anyway, we have a dedicated page for where you should go at Sipitang here: Where to go at Sipitang.

Living at Sipitang

So, you’re going to stay for a while at Sipitang? Here several things you need to know.

The Climate or weather

Sipitang benefit from the tropical climate. Hot and humid throughout the year. Temperature raise up as high as 32°C during day and goes down to 25°C during night. Based on the previous data trend, usually rain become more frequent towards the end of the year

It is always a good idea to bring an umbrella with you whenever you’re going outside. Although the weather forecast did help but you can never really trust them. You need it for both sunny day and rainy day.

A tips :Sipitang often experience what we call as ‘isolated rain’ or ‘isolated shower’. That’s mean in a same area only certain places get wet. So get your umbrella ready.

ElectricityType G power socket

We are using Malaysia standard, 240V with 50Hz frequency. Generally the power socket being used are of type G, socket with 3 holes.

Sometimes we do have power disturbance but usually it will be back right away unless it come with notification from the electric provider.

Money and money exchanges

Sipitang, being part of Malaysia is using the Malaysian Ringgit, MYR. If you come from other country you can check the approximate conversion rate here. You can seek bank services for currency conversion. Please note that additional charge may apply depending on the service provider.

Bank and ATM

If you need cash or other financial services, several banks and ATMs are available here. For bank we have Maybank and BSN

For ATM you can refer to our location details for ATM here: ATM at Sipitang. In addition to Maybank and BSN ATM, Bank Rakyat are also available at Sipitang. It is located at Hospital Sipitang compartment.

Hospital, Pharmacy and Sport center

It can happen to anyone to get sick while travelling. In that case it happen to you, don’t worry. You can go to public or private medical center available at Sipitang. Here is the list: Public hospital or clinic and private clinic.

If you need to buy some medicine or any health product you can visit the pharmacy. Here is the link for the pharmacy. It is the only pharmacy available at Sipitang with exception to the hospital and clinic. Yes, you can get the medicine from any store but the good thing about pharmacy is they have their pharmacist available to give you some advice.

If you need some kind of exercise you can visit some of the gym available at Sipitang. Here is the list: Gym at Sipitang. They might charge you for a small service fee. You can also visit the stadium or you can just walk at Sipitang Esplanade.

Other custom and local practice

As most of the Sabahan, Sipitang local are genuinely having a warm personality. Someone on the street might has a rough look on them, but try to speak nicely with them and you will agree with us.

No x-rated scenes on the street. You know what that’s mean. Holding hand is acceptable but more than that? Do that and you will quickly become a highlight of the day and will receive a bonus from police and also from the local community.

While driving on the town center you might have to put an extra caution as people may abruptly cross the street. Give way to the elder and family with child. Sometime you may become irritated but refrain yourself from honking or yelling.

Sipitang has Esplanade open to public. One thing you should know about it is you can’t smoke there, ever. Smoking is officially prohibited in Esplanade area.

That’s it. Hope you enjoy your stay. Did we miss something? Tell us about it, contact us.

Have a nice day!