From time to time every listing need improvement as the places itself changes. There are 2 different way to edit the listing information. If you’re the owner of the listing, you can edit it through your account (Dashboard) at the member area. If the listing listed by others and you want to improve it, you have to use the contact form.

Editing your own listing

Login into your account. The login panel can be accessed through the member area menu at the top of the page.

After login, the ‘My Listing’ option will be available under the ‘My Dashboard’. Click it and all your listing will appear with the ‘Edit’ option available under it.

By clicking the ‘Edit‘ you will be directed to the editing section. Here you can make your changes.

Editing listing listed by others

Editing the listing made by others require you to use the contact form. You can send the details of information you want to add or changes to us. We will do it for you.

We need to appreciate the original lister (author) unless the list is just a list without any information in it. In this case you will be automatically assumed as the author (when you submit your information). Please read our terms and conditions and policy for more details.