If you want to add a new places such as your business, it is advised to check the existing list first. There is high chance that someone might already list it on your behalf. If so, just add in some more info.

How to check? Go to the Sipitang Navigation page, at the top of the page, there is a search function. Type in name of places you want to add. Or you can also go to the related page, say motels, and try to search the place you want to add.

Adding new places on page

New Update: Another simplified method to add a new places has been added into our list. You only have to fill in the form and send some photos. We’ll do the rest for you. Here the link: Add new places simplified.

We still recommend this original method of listing.

Register as a member

First you have to register. How to register? A simple procedure, just add in your email, your username, and password. Make sure you remember the details to be used later on. Make sure also you use usable email. We will use that email for communication purpose later.

The registration and the login page can be found at the top menu (member area).

You can also register from the listing page. In the listing page the login and the register menu can be found at the right side of the page.

Adding new places

After you register or login you will be able to add a new list/places using the drop-down menu at the right side of the page (or bottom if you’re using smaller device), under the ‘My Dashboard‘. To add select the ‘Add Listing‘.

adding new places at gosipitang

You can also edit your existing listing by selecting the ‘My Listing‘ menu. A list of your listing will be listed with the option ‘edit‘ available.

filling up new listing page form at GoSipitang

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For your convenience here’s the description for adding a new places:

  1. Place Title – A name of places. Don’t just put in the name of the place. Put in the general term also so people will easily recognize type of business or places you going to mention. Example Great Job Car Service, The Joker Theater.
  2. Places description –  Add the additional description here. Like history, what special about it. There are no word limit. You can add as much information as you like. The only things that lacks here is the ability to put a style into your writing. Don’t worry about that, anything that you write here will be reviewed by us. We will add in some style as it deem necessary.
  3. Tag Keywords – A tag is like a general term related to the places you want to introduce. It’s a short 1-2 words. For example a restaurant may use ‘hungry’ or ‘ayam penyet’ as a tag.
  4. Category – Well, just select your category from the list. If your category not exist just choose the nearest one. We will review and add a suitable category for you later.
  5. Address – Its your places physical address.
  6. Zip/Post Code – The 5 digit standard code. Example Sipitang Post Code are 89859.
  7. The Map – Drag the map and the red pointer until it shows the location the place you want to add in. If you have the difficulties reading the plain looking map, change the view to satellite using button located at the top right of the map.
  8. Address latitude/ Longitude – A value for this will be automatically appear if you drag the map or the pointer. So you don’t need to adjust this if you already adjust the location on the map. Vice versa, you don’t need to adjust the map or the pointer if you put in your lattitude/longitude manually.
  9. Select the map view – How you want the map to appear later in the page, usually people like to choose either the default map or the hybrid map.
  10. Time, Phone, Email, Website, Twitter, Facebook, video, Special Offers – Self-explanatory.
  11. Add Images – Add in you selected  photo. Your first photo will be automatically selected as primary photo, appearing in the listing page. Tips : if you want your photo to be loaded faster choose photo size less than 1mb.

Please tick the box for reading and understanding our term & condition. Make sure you have really read it beforehand.

Complete and publish you listing

After finish editing, click complete and review. You will be directed to new page showing a review of the place you just listed. If you want to add in something you can always go back and edit.

After you finish and submit your listing, it will be appear as draft on the system. We will go through your listing and depending on your writing we might do some editing.