Frequently Asked Question

A basic introduction and guide to GoSipitang.

Q : What is GoSipitang?

GoSipitang is an online source of information, offering details about places in Sipitang. Thats inlcudes but not limited to places to stay, places to eat, interesting area, and many more. GoSipitang is intended to be used for both locals and visitors.

Q : Is GoSipitang associated with any official?

Nope. We are not related to any official like government or the official tourism itself.

Q : Can i become a member or involve in GoSipitang circle?

Of course. You’re welcome to do so. That would be great! Please do so. If you like to write, if you own a business, if you care about Sipitang, please join us.

Q: How to join GoSipitang?

First you have to register. After that you can do a lots of things. You can list places, you can send photo, you can send great story about sipitang, you can review places, you can comment and many more. Just make sure you’ve read our terms and condition and policy beforehand.

Q : How to add a new places or list?

You can refer to our detailed guide on Adding New Places.

Q : How to edit the existing places or list?

You can refer to our detailed guide on Editing the existing list

Q : Look, I’ve list out a ton of places already. Is there any kind of compensation

Nope. Not at this moment. But you can list out your legal business and link to your website, facebook or anything as long as it is not excessive and make GoSipitang look bad. In addition to that, it must comply with our term and condition.

Q : I’m a businessman, and I’m looking for any premium service at GoSipitang.

Thanks sir, but we don’t have any premium service at this moment. We do have plan. When we do that we will greatly offer you our services.

Q : The design and structure of GoSipitang horrible. Why?

Well, sorry for that. You have any suggestion? You can contact us using our contact form. We greatly appreciate you for that.