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Welcome to GoSipitang. GoSipitang is an online source of information, offering the most detailed information about places in Sipitang. Here you can find a places to stay, a places to eat, attractions and many more. Other than, that we also publish a nice and useful posts and info for upcoming events at Sipitang. If you want, you can also publish your places here.

Our Team

GoSipitang founder original

The Founder: B.L Joseph

“I’ve tried to become someone else for a while, only to discover that he’s, too, was me”

The gosipitang cofounder

The Co-Founder: A.A Foo

“Confidence is like a dragon where, for every head cut off, two more heads grow back”

gosipitang photographer talent

The Future Photographer: R.Stephen

“From so much self-revising, I’ve destroyed myself. From so much self-thinking, I’m now my thoughts and not I”

The contributor for gosipitang

The Contributor: You and the List

“No man is an island”

Our Vision

We are not associated with any official tourism agencies. We are independent. We want to establish our self as the number 1 source on the internet, offering the most detailed information for Sipitang.

Joe’s story

Joe is an average Joe. He wake-up every morning, eat breakfast, go to work, earn some money, buy some food, sleep late at night and loves internet.

In 2012, Joe decided to eat out. He search for best restaurant available at Sipitang. No info. Joe doesn’t give up. He spend another 2 hours searching on the net. Still no info. Joe end up with ‘Maggi Laksa’.

In 2013, Joe’s friend want to come to Sipitang. They ask Joe for best places to stay. Joe again seek help at internet. No info. Joe doesn’t give up. He spend another 2 hours looking on the net. Still no info. His friend decided not to go to Sipitang.

2014…2015. Joe give-up. If no info available on the net, he will make it available. Joe team up with some great guy and GoSipitang was born. Joe is the Founder. Note: Joe is not a real name.

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